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MINDBill for Salesforce

The MIND-Link app available at the Salesforce AppExchange enables telco operators to quickly rollout a best of breed solution by using the seamlessly integrated solution of Salesforce CRM and MINDBill – a convergent billing, provisioning and mediation solution designed for the telco market.

Transform Your Telco IT Budget from CAPEX to OPEX

Billing processes at Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are tied with customer management processes. Therefore, within any CSP system such as CRM, the Billing, Provisioning and Mediation processes must be integrated and synced in harmony to ensure continuous service to the telco consumers.

MIND-Link enables CSPs who use Salesforce as their focal customer engagement platform to seamlessly integrate with MINDBill, a convergent real-time billing solution designed for telco service providers.

The combined solution provides a truly 360° customer view and includes the needed telco specific data at the customer account level. All billing objects required for the telecommunication service provider’s CSR are readily available using MIND-Link.

Key Telco Specific Data Available for Salesforce

MIND-Link enhances Salesforce account view with the relevant billing data generated by the MINDBill billing platform and offers sales representatives the following:

patrat-gri-listaBilling Information

balances, invoices, finance transactions and history, debts and overdue payments.

patrat-gri-listaPrice Plan

View of customer’s packages, services and rate plans.

patrat-gri-listaCustomer Usage

Usage details on any usage services.

patrat-gri-listaOrder Fulfillment

Create new customers and assign relevant services.

patrat-gri-listaCustomer Management

Suspend customers from service if needed.

patrat-gri-listaBilling Management

Debt collection management & payment arrangement plan.

Salesforce – MINDBill – Solution Architecture