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IP Multiplay

In a world of multiple internet services, opportunities are endless for incumbent carriers who look for new revenue streams. The new IP based services are translated into enhancing the network with new components and capabilities. Interoperability becomes a key factor to enables such services like VoIP, data and other value added services.

Monetize any Service with MINDBill

MIND is a VoIP billing pioneer, with real-world experience since 1997, and as such has a remarkable track record in this area. Being familiar with IP technologies from the start, MINDBill was specifically designed for the IP next-generation world, not relying on legacy telephony ‘single service’ architectures.

The MINDBill Multi-Play solution covers all four main service channels that both residential and commercial customers need for a complete experience. Four main services are available, each with its multitude of specific features, which can be bundled together into a packaged offering to the customer: Wireline, Wireless, Internet Broadband and Cable TV.


patrat-gri-listaInteroperability with Leading Vendors

Pre-integrated with leading equipment manufacturers, including Cisco, Ericsson and Alcatel.

patrat-gri-listaSIP Support

The MINDBill solution is SIP-ready, as predefined and customized voice application flows are supported.

patrat-gri-listaPrepaid and Postpaid Convergence

Supporting both prepaid and postpaid business models in a single platform.

patrat-gri-listaNFV Support

Interoperability with multiple network elements types.

patrat-gri-listaCross-Service Discounts

Offer multi-service bundles of Wireline, Wireless, Internet Broadband and Cable TV with special rating offering.

patrat-gri-listaLast-Mile Voice Services

MINDBill includes managed enterprise voice and voice Long distance bypass including prepaid calling cards.

patrat-gri-listaWholesale Voice

Manage origination, termination and transit services with MINDBill.

patrat-gri-listaInterconnect Settlements

A comprehensive Interconnect module to manage origination and termination partners, both VoIP and PSTN.

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