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“We appreciate the great partnership we have built over the years with MIND”


Velma Schrader,
Director of Customer Operations, Chat Mobility

That’s the MIND Way of Making Business

MIND is a leading provider of convergent real-time end-to-end billing and customer care product based solutions as well as unified communication call accounting and analytics solutions for organizations and large multinational corporates. Founded in 1995 with a vision to provide comprehensive yet flexible, ready for deployment solutions to any telecommunication service. Today, with over 250 experienced engineers and professionals, MIND continues to provide product based solutions enabling even complex operators short time to market service launch. MIND delivers its applications in any business model (license, SaaS, managed service or complete outsourced service) to enable its customers to choose the best model that fits their needs.

MIND CTI is a public company listed on the Nasdaq National Market (NASDAQ: MNDO)

Billing and customer

Monetize any service with MINDBill

MIND Billing & UC Analytics

MIND delivers a complete solution that suits carrier specific needs, across any line of business: voice, data, content, video; fixed, mobile, cable, satellite; prepaid and postpaid. MIND’s solutions for service providers enable telecom operators to rapidly deploy services, support automated business processes and sophisticated business models.

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

MIND Billing & UC Analytics

MIND offers advanced call management systems used by organizations for unified communication analysis and call accounting. Our enterprise solutions enable organizations of any size to monitor and manage their communication costs, track communication’s quality of service and detect misuse and fraud for both traditional voice and IP telephony.