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“Thanks to MIND’s dedicated professional services team the Billing and Customer Care project was in production as planned”


Velma Schrader

Director of Customer Operations, Chat Mobility

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Exploring your challenges

In today’s continually evolving market and increasingly competitive business environment, MIND provides consultancy services that enable service providers to quickly offer new services in order to maintain and improve their market position. Our consultancy services cover both business and technical aspects.

Where Technology meets Business

As the billing and customer care system is the core component of the whole OSS environment, it is important that all the components involved are synchronized both at the infrastructure level, and at the software level. Failure to achieve proper synchronization could decrease the quality-of-service for the end user. The technical consultancy includes architecture planning for any changes to MINDBill or to any 3rd party equipment that interfaces with MINDBill. Our technology architects can quickly and reliably design the required solution and support your team with its implementation.

The business consultancy examines the alternative paths provided by the MINDBill billing and customer care solution or by related 3rd party vendors and ensures that you make the right decisions and keep within the budget and time restrictions necessary for your business.