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IoT Billing

The IoT market creates a great opportunity for telecom operators for new revenues. The market is expected to grow to a multi-billion dollar worth in the next years and any carrier who doesn’t want to stay behind is looking for the right way to translate this opportunity to cash.

Don’t Miss the IoT Opportunity

With the Gartner estimation that by 2020 there will be over 20 billion IoT devices, every communication service provider doesn’t want to stay out of the game. CSPs play a major role as the connectivity providers to all IoT device vendors. However, connectivity is the basic mandatory service for connecting the IoT devices. CSPs who wish to differentiate their IoT offering will have to leverage their existing connectivity infrastructure offering with value added services such as SIM management, security and integrated billing to the IoT vendors.

The IoT opportunity can create for service providers an increasable growth in the number of connected devices. Those devices are different in their nature from the traditional telco subscribers in terms of usage and ARPU. The new IoT users challenge the telecom operators in the sense that they need to adjust the systems to handle millions of connected devices with very low ARPU. Scalability is a key as well as low TCO per user for any operational platform.

MINDBill Key Features for IoT Services


Real-time device connectivity activation and suspension provisioned by the IoT vendor admin towards the CSP networks

patrat-gri-listaDevice Management

Resource management for tracking the assignment of devices to SIMs and vendors

patrat-gri-listaAuthentication & Access Management

Authentication at the network level for devices connected over 3G/LTE or cable

patrat-gri-listaRating Engine

Configurable and flexible rating schemes enabling introducing diverse rates per IoT provider, one-time, subscription, and usage based rating


Message Bus framework to notify applications, devices or IoT vendors of events as they occur.

patrat-gri-listaBusiness Analytics

Advanced analytical reports for better operational visibility, management and future planning

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