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Billing & CC

MINDBill delivers a complete solution that suits carrier specific needs, across any line of business: voice, data, content, video; fixed, mobile, cable, satellite; prepaid and postpaid. We enable telecom operators to rapidly deploy services, support automated business processes and sophisticated business models and efficiently handle millions of subscribers and transactions.

Simplifying Billing & Customer care processes for
Complex Telecommunication Service Providers

Customer and Subscribers Management

Web-based applications enabling the management of the entire life cycle of any type of customer: private or business, prepaid or postpaid. MINDBill includes Customer care application for your CSRs and Self Care app for the subscribers that wish to view their invoices on-line, make a payment or look at their data package usage.

Integrated Point of Sales

User-friendly module for the telco retail shops enabling operators such as GSM, TDMA and more to sell products, services and accessories seamlessly. PoS includes enhanced capabilities such as resource and inventory management, sales and cashier management.

Mediation & Provisioning

Real-time and batch collection and processing of services events such as calls, sms, mms and more that needs to be billed. MINDBill’s Provisioning capabilities enables to real-time on-demand activate or deactivate the relevant components in the network (i.e IN, SIP, Diameter, AAA).

Product Service Catalog

Easily define, configure and deploy new services and apply any rate that is relevant to your marketing campaign. MINDBill supports one-time fees, recurring subscription rates, and charge per usage units such as: voice calls, destination, duration, data consumed, SMS, MMS and much more. Multiple services with diverse rating plans can be bundled into a packages.

Any Service Prepaid

Complete solution supporting real-time rating and billing including vouchers, prepaid accounts and shared balance bucket for subscribers’ group. The MINDBill handles accounts balance recharge via vouchers, credit cards and EFT payment methods. Use notifications to communicate with your subscribers via SMS, USSD, e-mail or GUI-IVR.

Promotion & Discounts

Flexible interface enabling to easily configure discounts and promotion campaigns to existing or new services. We support multiple promotions’ options such as one-time voucher, recurring benefits, free units or credit promotion, free units bundle and more.

Billing & Payments

Brand your company invoice layout and define easily the billing rules; bill cycles frequency and dates, shipment methods (email, printing) and manage the payment collection in the same platform.

Analytics and Insights

MINDBill tracks all of usage metrics in real time and enables service providers get insights about their revenues and business. MINDBill analytics tools includes operational reports as well as management reports.

Agents & Partners

Full support for agents and partner management. The MINDBill includes interconnect and roaming settlements as well as agents (retail resellers).


Fully Convergent

MINDBill’s powerful, scalable, convergent platform provides customer-care, billing, mediation, provisioning and rating for a wide range of pre and post-pay voice, SMS, MMS, Data and other services in a single bill.

Modular Solution

MINDBill’s modular and open architecture allows service providers comply with their business requirements and use the modules that they need such as Point of sales, Customer care, self-care and more.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

MINDBill’s low TCO comes from the platforms ability to interface with all network elements required for mediation, provisioning, rating, billing and customer care, enabling it to charge and bill for both pre and post-pay subscribers.

Short Time to Market

MINDBill enables to launch new revenue generating packages of voice, data, video and content on the spot, contributes to immediate increase in the ARPU.

Team of Experts

With over 20 years of experience in the Telco billing space our team includes a skilled, highly experienced billing professionals.

Flexible Deployment

MINDBill is available for deployment on premise or in the cloud as a fully managed service.

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