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Cloud Services

“Thanks to MIND’s dedicated professional services team the Billing and Customer Care project was in production as planned”


Velma Schrader

Director of Customer Operations, Chat Mobility


In today’s telecom market, staying ahead of the competition is a necessity more than ever. Implementing the newest technologies available, enabling multiple services over your network, offering promotions and innovative rate plans, being able to analyze your business and gain market share are all required for growth and even for survival.

Creating the right cloud billing path for you.

MIND’s solutions are designed to work in a multi-tenant architecture and are cloud ready. We offer our customers the flexibility of choosing the deployment type that will best fit their needs: on premises, hosted solution in a private cloud, public cloud and in a hybrid model. All models are backed by a high level of security, reliability and stable architecture.
The telecommunication industry, like other industries, is moving towards cloud based solutions. However, as the telecom service providers’ environment is complex and relays on many legacy systems that are usually tailor-made and hard to integrate with, architecture changes or the introduction of new solutions must be planned thoroughly and executed by knowledgeable and experienced people to minimize risk.

MIND’s Cloud Service delivers a complete move-to-cloud planning and execution for your billing and customer care solution. We enable our customers to either operate the MINDBill cloud by themselves or to have a managed service provided by MIND’s team.


A move-to-cloud planning


Architecture recommendations (partly on premises, private/public cloud etc.)


Access to a skilled DevOps team


High levels of computer security, reliability and redundancy


Flexible business model