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Over the last few years, many providers have deployed 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) to deal with the rapid growth in wireless data traffic. LTE is part of a broader 3GPP program, which specifies a new all-IP evolved packet core (EPC) architecture for 3GPP radio access (LTE, 3G, and 2G), non-3GPP radio access (HRPD, WLAN, and WiMAX), and fixed access (Ethernet, DSL, cable, and fiber). EPC eliminates the need for operating dedicated CS (circuit-switched) networks as voice and other VAS services are now treated as IP applications.

MINDBill – an LTE Ready Solution

The MINDBill solution enables providers to take advantage of the benefits and also tackles the challenges LTE comes with. As the revenue for wireless data grows more slowly than the wireless data traffic volumes, the MINDBill solution allows a flexible rollout of new services and EPC standards-based real-time charging closely integrated with the policy control function. These are key to the provider’s success in monetizing on the investment, while also ensuring network sanity.

MINDBill is the perfect solution for providers transitioning to LTE that wish to enhance their offering. While the ultimate goal is to operate one all-IP network, building LTE coverage takes time and requires new investments in replacing existing components, so providers are additionally faced with the challenge of dealing with interim solutions such as LTE for data only or LTE for data with a hybrid voice architecture. MINDBill is an industry proven system with many active successful deployments in fixed, 2G, 3G and LTE networks, which can ensure providers with a smooth transition to the all-IP architecture.



MINDBill is pre-integrated with the major PCRF, SPR, HSS, PGW / PCEF hardware vendors for data flow based charging and control.

patrat-gri-listaMultimedia Telephony

Pre-integrated with the IMS Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MMTel AS) for charging VoLTE, VoWiFi, ViLTE, and RCS (messaging, chat, file transfer, etc.) services.


Supports reconciliation with other LTE operators – for standards such as GSMA TAP or for custom solutions such as Verizon LRA (LTE in Rural America) program.

patrat-gri-listaConvergent Prepaid and Postpaid Catalog

Offers a similar service experience to all customers’ type including responsive real-time policy nodes update according to the subscriber’s plan consumption status.

patrat-gri-listaMultiple Protocols

Convergent IN and OCS  real-time platform supports Diameter Ro / Gy, CAMEL, WIN, Radius and more.

patrat-gri-listaIntegrated Self-Care Portals

Web, IVR, SMS and USSD enabling operators to upsell their services through contextual offers and add-ons.

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