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Education & Training

“Thanks to MIND’s dedicated professional services team the Billing and Customer Care project was in production as planned”


Velma Schrader

Director of Customer Operations, Chat Mobility

Turning Knowledge into Action

Billing and customer care processes are complex and require a deep understanding of the activities and workflows involved. Any telecommunication service provider must relay on billing experts that guide users to achieving the right operational solution in terms of configuration and definition, time to market and financial planning.


Having a properly installed billing system is not enough for long-term efficient operation. You also need qualified personnel to operate and maintain the platform in the most cost-effective and reliable way. In order to provide your employees with the highest level of competence in operating our solutions, MIND has developed training modules for different users, depending on the MINDBill billing system activities they perform.

Our training plans target a wide audience such as trainers, managers, marketing teams, billing operators and other IT personnel. All our training modules are very flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Through these courses each user will acquire a good knowledge related to their specific responsibilities, but will also be familiar with the other functions of the MINDBill billing and customer care platform.